Industrial Evolution Collection

The Industrial Evolution Collection is an imaginative and dark projection of a post apocalyptic future where the human species has lost control over what it had previously manufactured. The products of industry that were formally enslaved and used as pieces in the construction of the human’s built environment are now alive and have begun to assemble, grow, and think independently from their original creator. Evolution is rapidly taking place. Fruit or larva is present, indicating that they are now capable of reproducing. Bioluminescent features activated only in response to touch have been discovered. The ability to choose a surface acceptable for growth, combined with their new cantilevered extensions, suggest a rooted substructure used for support as well as a vehicle to acquire sustenance.

Forbidden Fruit

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The capture of this specimen has given the researchers at our lab the opportunity to document the newly discovered reproductive capabilities now found in The Industrial Evolution Collection. The Forbidden Fruit, as it has come to be called, is still undergoing investigation as to whether it is in fact a fruit from a plant, an embryo from an animal, or a combination of the two.



Galvanized steel pipe fitting (various sizes)

Vintage Crouse Hinds explosion proof light housing.

Vintage style Edison radio style bulb.


Touch sensitive light control for four settings – low, medium, high, and off. Simply touch any metal part of the lamp and it will illuminate. Elevated base flange on four ¼ inch feet to allow cord access.

Dimensions: H: 22” x W: 5“ x D: 9”

Weight: ~18 lbs or ~288 oz.

For indoor use only. Care instructions will be provided.


Table Lamp


Price (Polished Finish):
Retail – 1,950 USD

Factory finish:
Retail – 1,800 USD

Lead Time:
Estimated 2 weeks

Additional information

Nipple Finish

Raw Steel (Darker), Zinc Plated (Lighter)


Polished, Factory


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