Pandemic Design Studio

Pandemic Design Studio was brought to life in 2017 by former architect, David Rozek and is located outside Philadelphia in Bridgeport, PA., USA.  Pandemic Design Studio is an award winning, published, and patent holding product design and manufacturing enterprise specializing in innovative, organic, and contemporary ceramics, lighting, and furniture.

Our portfolio and capabilities are diverse-spread across many different product categories and collections, utilizing a wide range of materials, and employing various high level manufacturing techniques. Though different in material aesthetics, our products are all deeply rooted in the idea that the pieces make the whole and the whole is alive and changing.  We are proud to produce original, functional, and timeless statement products that will take your space to the next level.

Our ideas and designs never remain still and innovation, idea expansion, and experimentation are characteristics that are paramount to the success and spread of the Pandemic Design Studio vision, culture, products, and in our quest to expand our design influence and promote our design ideology.

At Pandemic Design Studio, we like control of our business and products and do not rely on ten year old southeast asian children to do our manufacturing.  We strongly believe that this approach is better for the consumer, us, and the planet as we are able to produce products of superior quality with superior customer service in a country that actually has an EPA.  We design it, we make it, and we know everything about it.  If you have a question, we have an answer and we are available to help in any way we can.

Please be sure to check back often as fresh reinforcements in the form of new products are constantly being developed and deployed to the front lines of every product category to aid in the expansion of our design vision.

Remember that custom projects that share our design ideology are always of interest to us. Please contact the Ministry of Inquiry with any questions or comments and one of our agents will respond to you soon.