High-Rise Dinette Table

6,000 USD
Made to order

6,000.00 USD as pictured


Minimalist and elegant, The High-Rise Dinette Table eliminates the clutter of multiple table legs, providing an open space under the table surface free from vertical obstacles. The unusually small footprint of the floating base is achieved and made possible by the sheer weight of the single I-Beam column which comfortably supports and secures the tinted glass top. The proportions are based on a 12” grid in which the center square is the column.

High-Rise Dinette Table



Polished and clear coated steel I-Beam. Tinted (40%) plate glass. 4 brushed steel stand off caps.


1” welded on base plate to give the illusion that it is floating.


I-Beam: 12” (L) 12” (W) 36” (H)

Glass: 36” (L) 36” (W) ½” (H)


Dinette table


6,000 USD as shown plus shipping. A contract is required for this item.

Options / Customizations:

Tinted glass and percentage is optional. Can be finished with any paint color desired.

Please contact for alternate size options and prices.

Lead Time:

Estimated 2 months


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