I Beam Desk – Long-Span Desk

7,500 USD
Made to order

7,500.00 USD as pictured


Gravity does all of the work in this addition to the I-Beam Collection in that there are no other connections. The sleek tinted glass top sits securely and firmly on top of the two massive polished I-Beams flanking each side as does the shelf on a smaller scale. The orientation and use of these beams is typical in traditional construction but instead of carrying a roadway, train track, or building above, The Long-Span Desk carries your workload which is hopefully a bit lighter.



Polished and clear coated steel I-Beams of varying size. Tinted (40%) plate glass.


1” welded on base plate to give the illusion that it is floating.


Desk: 24” (L) 48” (W) 33” (H) Shelf: 8” (L) 48” (W) 12” (H) For indoor use only.
Care instructions will be provided.




7,500 USD as shown plus shipping. 7,000 USD without shelf. A contract is required for this item.

Options / Customizations:

Tinted glass and percentage is optional. Can be finished with any paint color desired. Please contact for alternate size options and prices.

Lead Time:

Estimated 2 months


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