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Navigation around the Angle Iron Collection is a continuously changing visual adventure of opening and closing views created by an irregular and sculpturally intriguing shape combined with regularly spaced and repeating slats that wrap the form giving it a clear linear and horizontal pattern. The specific material choice and spacing of the slats are designed to provide privacy by obscuring peripheral views and only allowing a clear glimpse in or out through a direct line of sight in-between slats exclusively at eye level.  In addition to obscuring views, the slats also obscure and camouflage the presence of the structure behind or underneath to create the illusion of floating. The sun experiences the same visual restrictions in that direct light can only pass through a few slats at a time metering the sun’s movement throughout the day allowing each piece to record time.

Iron Curtain

14,000 USD
Made to order



Sculptural but purposeful in form, The Iron Curtain provides a semi-private and protective canopy enclosure in which the concept of lightness is achieved through a “strength in numbers” approach and is executed by using thin slats acting as cross-bracing to give stability and hold the frame together without the use of bulky structure. The structure holding the mattress shelf is carefully hidden to give the illusion that it is floating. Extra space has been added to the head of the bed for easier access and mobility while subtracted from the bottom to give The Iron Curtain a truly unique and extremely functional form.



Black powder coated tube and plate steel.  Sand blasted and clear coated angle iron slats.  Sanded and clear coated steel bolts.


Appearance of a floating mattress and slats.  The slats extend past the frame to disguise and hide the structure.  No box spring needed.  Designed for a queen size mattress as pictured.


Overall:  100” (L) 72” (W) 83” (H) For indoor use only. 
Care instructions will be provided.


Canopy bed frame


14,000 USD as shown plus shipping.  Mattress not included.  A contract is required for this item.

Options / Customizations:

Can be finished in any color desired.  Please contact for alternate bed size options and prices.

Lead Time:

Estimated 3 months


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