Luxury Accent Table

9,000 USD
Made to order

9,000.00 USD as pictured


The same inspiration and design principles are consistent in all of the pieces in the Static Dynamic Collection but the focus of End Table 2 follows the same focus as End Table 1 in that it is a neighboring section, cut from something much larger with a slightly shifted emphasis on aesthetic drivers. The footprint of End Table 2 fits perfectly on top of End Table 1 enabling the overall composition to extend when placed on top of each other. If interested in exploring the idea of sections more, please check out the sister project of End Table 1 and 2 named Animusma that is found under sculpture.



160 pieces of ¼ inch Baltic birch plywood laminated together and finished with polyurethane. ¼ inch in-laid glass top. Disassembles into five pieces.


30” (L) 25” (W) 29” (H) For indoor use only.
Care instructions will be provided.


End table / side table.


9,000 USD as pictured plus shipping. If purchased with End Table 1: 16,000 USD plus shipping. A contract is required for this item.

Options / Customizations:

Can be finished with any paint or stain color desired.

Lead Time:

Estimated 4 months.


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